What's new in Units Master

We are excited to announce that we have just released Units Master 1.1.0 for Mac and iOS. New versions for Windows and Android will be available soon.

What's new in the latest Units Master update

January 8, 2019.

We added the ‘Show results’ option that allows users to get results in one of the following formats:
'Fractions and Decimals' format - the results are shown in both fractional and decimal forms
'Auto' format - if the problem contains a fraction, the result will be displayed in a fractional format, otherwise you will get the result as a decimal number. In case of conversion, if you enter a decimal number, Units Master shows you the result as a fraction and vice versa.
'Fractions' format - the result of calculation will be displayed as a fraction (with selected rounding, if any)
'Decimals format' - the app shows the result as a decimal number (with selected accuracy, if any)

Great news for those who use Units Master for feet and inch calculation. Now you may choose the way the app shows foot and inch symbols:
- you may use either the abbreviation ft and in
- ′ (prime symbol) to represent foot and ″ (double prime symbol) for inches.

Thursday, May 23, 2019
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