Units Master Help

Supported Units of Measurement

length units: mils, points, picas, inches, links, feet, yards, rods, chains, furlongs, miles, fathoms, nautical miles, millimeters, centimeters, decimeters, meters and kilometers.

area units: square mils, square inches, square links, square feet, square yards, squares, square rods, square chains, acres, square miles, townships, square millimeters (mm²), square centimeters (cm²), square decimeters (dm²), square meters (m²), ares, hectares and square kilometers (km²).

Calculate and convert not only length or area units but mix area and length units in your calculataions, e.g. you can divide 100sq.yd by 15ft, add 18sq.ft and 9yd×7.5ft and much more

Entering fractional and decimal values and units

Shortcuts/Hotkeys for Mac and Windows versions

Entering fractional and decimal values and units

Options that make Units Master unique and different from other calculators:

1. Unlike many other calculators and converters, you may enter any combinations of units

For example, you may enter 1yd3ft2in, 2m15cm4mm, 1_3/4yd5ft, etc.

Enter imperial units combination

Enter metric units combination

2. With Units Master you may enter dimensional values in any order.

It does not matter if you enter the larger or the smaller dimension first, the app shows you the correct answer in both cases. For example, it does not matter if you enter feet before inches 2ft3in or inches before feet 3in2ft.

Tips: With Units Master you don't have to waste time by entering the addition operator (+) between units. Just enter the values one by one and press =.

2.5yd 3ft 4.5ft 25in 3_1/2ft = 2.5yd + 3ft + 4.5ft+ 25in + 3 1/2ft = 20ft7in

How to quickly add units

3. You may enter whole, decimal and fractional values for all imperial and metric units.

For example, you may enter 3.5ft, 5/8in, 3/4mi, 1 3/4 yd, 0.8km, 7/8m, 10.8cm, etc

4. You may mix US and metric units in one equation.

Mix imperial and metric units in one equation

Shortcuts/Hotkeys for Mac and Windows versions

Shortcut/Hotkey Function
u switch between keyboards
\ open the fraction input window
ShiftMinus sign (-) open the fraction input window
tab move between input fields (for fraction input)
. or , input decimal point (does not work for fractions)
ShiftPlus sign(+)
- subtraction
/ division
power "^"
Enter for fraction mode "Ok", otherwise calculate
() parentheses
FnBackspace delete the last input
Esc for fraction input closes the window, otherwise works as Clear 'C'
FnV sqrt √
p π
Shortcuts/Hotkeys for units input:
You may enter units only after numbers
i inches
f feet
y yards
m miles
Altm mm (millimeters)
c cm (centimeters)
d dm (decimeters)
AltShiftm m (meters)
k km (kilometers)

Read this help section for key definitions, tips on how to enter data, use the History option, etc.
Friday, July 12, 2024
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